Mark Lisicki

Pantheon (1998)

I have read a lot about music over the years: what it is, where it comes from, how it acts on our senses and emotions; and I am none the wiser. I know that it is inextricably linked with time, and that live music is generally preferable to recorded music, because live music is always experienced as part of a complete occasion; the notes, once played, disappear forever, just as the previous second will never come round again. The experience thus becomes consigned to memory. It has often been my experience that memory ameliorates an event, i.e. my recollection of it has nearly always been better than the event actually was. A good example of this is when I remember a song or tune of which I used to be fond, and still love, but haven't heard for a long time. I would naturally like to hear it again. Now, an opportunity may arise whereby I am able to acquire the piece of music on tape, disc, etc. so that I may listen to it as often as I want. Guess what happens when I put it on the player? It's not half as good as I remember it. Shame.

The music presented here places no constraints or strictures on memory. You can, indeed, play it as often as you like (perfect sound forever, as Philips' introductory slogan described compact discs in the early 80's), and leave your memory free to operate on the things that are important to you. Only you know what they are.

I have merely contrived to combine experience, perseverance, preference, taste, and technology, to create the sonic landscape which lies before you. It sounds good to me, but, like Sir Cliff, I've got tall speakers. So, if you like this album, and wish to leave a comment, please feel free, and tell me about your reaction to Pantheon.

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